The Eliminators

For Chemically Sensitive Families with:

Allergies, Asthma & Skin Conditions 

Whole House Water Treatment Systems Designed to Eliminate Toxic Chemicals and will last a lifetime

Premium Quality Water silky smooth & Healthful

with No chlorine, No chemicals & No salt.

The Eliminators will improve your family’s health by eliminating chlorine and any other toxic chemicals that are in your homes water. Premium quality water in your entire home for up to 20-30 years.

The Eliminators provides millions of gallons of Premium Quality Water to every faucet in your home, indoors and out, safe, simple and an easy solution to have the best possible water for your home. No more bottle water or salt to buy, no chemicals, no filters to replace, no hassle and no worry.

The Eliminators protects from calcium scale buildup in the plumbing of your home and produces water that is silky, no need for hair conditioners and skin moisturizers as your water has become a true moisturizer.

The Eliminators goes beyond Government standards to provide your home with maximum protection it truly needs.

The problem is most often the Water in your home !

The Eliminator 1 is our whole house water treatment system that for over 30 years has been recommended by Doctors at various VA Hospitals for use as a medical appliance for chemically sensitive patients. No backwash is needed as the system is in self cleaning mode all the time and no wasted water. Your cost is only $1295 for 2 million gallons of chemical free fresh water.

The Eliminator 2 was developed to remove the risks associated with other water treatment methods and provides your family with chemical-free clean water, safe for drinking, bathing, showering and food preparation. Backwash is added to eliminate the need for a sediment filter and contaminant removal. Your cost is only $1595 for 2 million gallons of chemical free fresh water. This system is for municipal water that is treated by the city with higher levels of chlorine and/or chloranamines and requires more intense flushing and cleaning of the filter bed.

A little over a year ago Japan had a nuclear meltdown. Radiation was totally out of control and spewing into the air and the Pacific Ocean. The US news didn't cover it too much because if it became catastrophic not much could be done. Americans food, water and air were being contaminated and still are.  Now clean food can be had from canned goods or by cleaning fresh food including meat and poultry by being fresh killed indoors in a sealed environment or by cleaning the surface with non contaminated water, like the Eliminator produces.

The EPA best available technology to remove radioactive particles from air or water is Granular Activated Carbon. Air systems are available but require sizing to the area of use and require special ordering.

Why is the Eliminator your best choice.

 All Eliminators are low cost, solution for a wide range of water problems. No chemicals are needed, no salt is used. With the Eliminator there is no chemical backwash and no environmental damage to be concerned with. The GAC filter media traps toxic chemicals forever.

The Eliminator 1 is a two stage advanced water treatment system with multimedia filtration and a cubic foot of Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) that will remove chlorine and other toxic chemicals for over a million gallons and prevent lead and copper contamination by eliminating chlorine corrosion.

The Eliminator 1 replaces the use of water softeners and eliminates the need to clean the filter by back washing this saves 20 to 30 gallons of water a day or 9,000 gallons a year that would go into the sewer to the contaminate our environment. No more filters needed in your refrigerator to control scale or toxic chemicals that cause bad taste and odors. You will have Premium water outdoors for your lawn, trees, plants and animals, all will benefit.

The Eliminator 2  is cleaned by back washing and is used with water that has very high levels of chemical contaminants, this unit is also rated for over a million gallons of water, this is 20 to 25 years of use in the average home. You will have years of trouble free service with the most economical water treatment available. Back washing is automatic as often as once every 12 days or manually once or twice a month.

The Eliminator 3 is for Iron removal and also replaces the use of water softeners and cleans the filter by back washing this system is recommended for water with iron and sediment that would needs to be flushed periodically, generally twice a month. Price varies with severity of contaminants and volume of water needed to be treated. Call to discuss your needs.

The Eliminators prevents scale from forming. The Eliminator does not remove the essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are a health benefit and important to enhance the flavor and improve the taste of water. The minerals are conditioned to keep them in their water soluble and bio-available form.   Scale results when calcium bicarbonate is heated in the water heater and becomes calcium carbonate. This scale is like rock or limestone and is not water soluble. Rocks do not dissolve in water or in your body. Calcium Scale that builds up in your body, plugs up your vital organs and causes: Heart Disease, Strokes, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis, Pancreatic, Prostate and Thyroid disease, Vision, Hearing and memory loss and is often the progenitor of Cancer and the list goes on.

The Eliminators provides healthy water. Most State plumbing codes require water softeners to be installed on the hot water line only. You know you shouldn't drink softened water because of increased levels of sodium. Are you aware that the brine tanks where salt is added are easily contaminated with bacteria, and those bacteria enters your home water? If your water isn't good enough to drink, then why shower or bath in It.?

The Eliminators increases equipment life and reduces maintenance problems with water heaters, coffee makers, dishwashers, ice makers, and all plumbing equipment. The single greatest cause of mechanical equipment failure is scale and corrosion. You will also benefit from reduced energy costs because of increased equipment efficiency.

The Eliminators will reduce soap and shampoo usage, and best of all you won't need hair conditioners. The water feels silky and is like a moisturizer for your skin. The water is clean and free rinsing unlike softened water with its slippery chemical feeling.

The Eliminators will provide your Home with better water than you can buy in a bottle. The high quality filtration provides Spring time fresh water.

The Eliminators is the best means to provide your family with Premium Quality Water. Your family will notice the difference and you will have the peace of mind knowing you have taken that extra step to assure them the best water possible.

Good Water Is Never Free !

Its obvious American's are concerned about their tap water because so many people will only drink bottled water.

You really don't need a water analysis to tell you something is wrong when your water feels, smells, and tastes bad.

Bottled water is not the best answer

And dinky little water filters don't help much!

Faucet filters and shower filters give a false sense of security. The limitations are their size; high levels of toxic chemicals flow right through them and continue to contaminate your water.  In the shower you have very little protection the best you can expect is reduced chlorine odor. Shower filters also require frequent and costly replacement.

The EPA states

Showering in chlorinated water (because of skin absorption) increases your risk of cancer by a whopping 93%. It's not so much the water you drink, it's the water you bath, swim, and shower in that causes the greatest health problems. Warm water, opens the pores of your skin allowing chlorine and other toxic chemicals to enter your body. Once in your body, chlorine damages almost everything it comes in contact with. Vital organ damage like liver malfunctions caused by toxic chemicals disrupting the production of hormones, proteins, and enzymes further causing cell mutations in that often results in cancer.

Cancer Prevention

Today with the multitude of chemical contaminants in our environment, 1 in 3 Americans, and half of all males, will become cancer statistics! Cancer is a man made disease, and almost completely preventable. Quality Water is a primary factor for the prevention of CANCER.  

Good health is a gift. When your health is gone it is very hard to get it back. Water is also a primary source of other disease that results in Heart Attacks, Strokes, Birth Defects and many Immune Disorders.

Nearly every home in Americas has one or more family members that are chemically sensitive. Millions of people are reaching their tolerance levels and have become chemically sensitive to many things, like: chemicals, strong odors, cologne and foods. Because chlorine causes your body's immune system to react to it or it's by-products you become allergic from using water. 

Something is very wrong when people are told their tap water with chlorine is safe and yet 122 World Governments want to outlaw all use of chlorine. Chlorine is the Devils element the greatest source of misery and loss of health. This insidious chemical that is ever present in most tap water, which people use to bath, swim and shower in daily. Chlorine in water reacts with organic materials and creates dangerous by-products like Dioxin. You are organic.

The book "Chlorine and water disinfection" a 1400 page government guideline for water treatment professionals lists thousands of chemicals and compounds that are almost all toxic at low levels and are cancerous and mutanagenic at any level. Benzene Toluene and Chloroethelene are only three of over 6,000 really nasty ones that are never tested for.  Many toxic chemicals are created when chlorine comes in contact with other chemicals that are already in the water. The most common contaminant of drinking water is toilet paper and when exposed to chlorine it chemically changes to Dioxin.

Cancer is out of control and Heart disease is even worse. With all the money spent on research, cancer continues to increase and is expected to double in the next 50 years. Why? Because we live with chlorine in our homes. Chlorine corrupts the environment, causes severe health problems for people. Chlorine should not be in your home.


Your best choice to protect from chlorine and related toxic contaminants is with The Eliminator whole house system for real long term protection.  The one System that eliminates the need for other treatment methods like: Salt softeners, reverse osmosis, distillation, or nanofiltration.

Environmental Considerations

Each time you drink a bottle of water from the grocery store, you are setting up an environmental problem of epic proportions. Each of those bottles will sit in a landfill for thousands and thousands of years. Plastic, although useful when produced, is something that doesn't go away. And when it does dissolve it releases potentially harmful and toxic chemicals into the ground water.

With everyone drinking bottled water the waste of plastic bottles filling up landfills is pretty ridiculous and dangerous.

The Eliminator is a simple way for you to do something for the environment. This is in addition to the benefits we've outlined here on the site for your health.

What is your water cost now ?

You will Get Factory Direct Purchasing  

The Warranty covers equipment in normal service and use.  Exceptions include but are not limited to: destructive acts of nature that may be covered by home owner insurance, vandalism, theft, physical damage or abuse.

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You Will Love What the Eliminator does for you.

Good Water Means: 

No Chlorine, No Salt, No toxic Chemicals, No Maintenance, No Service

No Hassle for 20 to 30 years.

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